Saturday, March 8, 2008

I Smell Like Road

Finally summer has come to the Valley in southern California. I went out for three runs today, and with each of them, I added another layer of dirt, smog and farmland to my skin. I smell like a dusty road right now.

Got up this morning and run 4 miles to wake myself up. Toaster waffles and almond butter to fuel the beast. After the run, ate another waffle, a Go Lean bar (really good!!) and some coffee. Headed over to Griffith Park after breakfast to run the usual Saturday morning miles with Jenn from TNT. We went up into the hills of GP, but it was a little too hilly for an easy Saturday run. We we turned around and ran Los Feliz Blvd, a beautiful stretch of street on which you can forget that you are in LA. Chalked up 3.2 miles total.

Southwest side of Griffith Park

Los Feliz Boulevard

It started getting hot around 11, which I got back to my apartment, but I had committed today to being one with a long run, so I knew in order to hit double-digit miles, I'd have to hit the pavement once again. So I chomped on a nectarine, a pear and half of a Hammer Bar before getting back out there.

I ran what has become a normal medium-distance route from my apartment, to the north side of the park, around near my work and then back on Riverside Drive (which I bike to and from work a couple times a week). Unfortunately, it started getting really hot and I wanted to jump in the fountain at Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetary

The Fountain

A little side note about Forest Lawn - it's a beautiful stretch of land on the north side of GP. Interred there are some famous Hollywood personalities including Lucille Ball, Clyde Beatty, Bette Davis, Roy Disney, Marty Feldman, Andy Gibb, Joseph "Buster" Keaton, Ernie Kovacs, Liberace, Ozzie Nelson, Freddy Prinze and Jack Webb. I've never gone up into the park, although there are roads leading in, and tons of cars coming and going. Perhaps it would make a nice hike on a slow day.

Anyway, back to the road ... so I ran and ran and ran, and it got hotter and hotter and hotter, and by the time I got back to my apartment (chiding myself for not bringin water out with me), I dove right into the fridge and finished off my pitcher. Tired and hot, but another 8.1 miles to add to the total.

So I finish my regime for the day with no bike miles, but +15 miles on my feet. Not to bad. Tomorrow I head out to Marina Del Rey for TNT week 5! I'm leading the walking group, so it will be a nice break for my legs. And I'll get a chance to chat with some people I haven't met before. With the exception of daylight savings time stealing my sleep, I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning.

Now it's time shower the road smell off me.

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