Sunday, April 5, 2009

American River 50 Miler - Race Report - Part 1

The first of what might be two or three parts to the American River 50 Mile Race report.

It's been about 26 hours since we finished. The soreness in my legs (and shoulders and abs and feet) are a good reminder of what we have accomplished.

Crossing the finish line in 9:55:23. Hiking up and down trails that were, with no exaggeration, some of the steepest terrain I've ever had to scale. Getting to see how beautiful the American River is. And getting to eat brownies, oreos, soda, chips and potatoes at unheard of hours in the morning. It will all be very memorable.

I expect to post a summary of the experience soon. But the UConn game is about to start and I'm too tired to multitask. So for now, take a look at the course and elevation profile according to my Garmin. See that big incline at the end? Yeah, there will be paragraphs devoted to that little Everest and the course directors who chose to end the route on a high note, literally.

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