Friday, April 3, 2009

Time to Go!

I am sitting here surrounded by Google Map print outs.

Hotel to Airport.
Airport to Hotel.
Hotel to Dinner.
Packet Pick Up to Hotel.
Hotel to Start Line.

And now it finally hits me that it's really time to run this race!

All of my updates from here on out will be either short blog posts or my twitter feed (see the righthand sidebar to follow).

I'll be up in Sacramento by this afternoon, hopefully sleeping well (yeah right) tonight, and then by this time tomorrow, 6ish miles into the race. I don't believe there are website tracking capabilities, but here is the link to the race page:

American River 50 Miler

We've done what we can do. I have faith in the process. I'm as ready and as rested as I can be. Training runs are enjoyable (and a hell of a lot shorter), but now it's time to go have fun. All day fun.

Also, I'm going to eat two breakfasts today.

Happy travels, and I'll recap on the other side of the finish line.

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