Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Round Up

Pardon the intermittenedd posting, as usual. Being injured from running has left me less than enthusiastic about my posting will lean toward the cycling and swimming parts of my workouts. Tomorrow I have a Drs Appt. That will hopefully give me a better idea of whether or not this pain in my calf is a fracture, shin splint or compartment syndrome ... I am at a loss for what it is, I just want it fixed.

Anyway. This weekend was enjoyable.

Saturday - 50 miles on the bike, a new PR. My butt hurt at the end, but overall it was a good workout. Makes me enthusiastic about a century ride in the near future.

Sunday - I tried to keep it slow and easy at TNT practice, but as a coach, I feel obligated to make sure all participants are doing well out on the course. I completed the 16 miles doing half walking and half running. I hit the 7 minute/mile mark for about a mile at my peak, but that was evened out by a 16 minute/mile pace with the walkers. At the end of the day I tallied 16.74 miles at an average 14 min/mile pace. Nice and easy for me. To get the heart rate up, I added a 45 min bike ride when I got home...

Like I said, tomorrow is the Dr. Apt. Hopefully I'm looking at only a few weeks of rest before getting back to my normal run. I will report back soon...

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