Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Doctor's Office

...held nothing of great importance for me. The good news is that there was nothing obvious on the xrays of my tibia. Xrays can't pick up muscle and tendon damage, and rarely do they pick up stress fractures. But I suppose it offers added assurance that I don't have a compound fracture of my leg...Yeah...

The doctor told me to rest, and if that I run, the injury won't get any better. He also said it won't get any worse. I wouldn't break my legs running, it would just be a nagging pain. Okay. I knew that too. Weird advice.

He prescribed me physical therapy, but it turns out the place is open 9-5pm Mondays through Fridays. How convenient for someone who (thankfully during the economic crash) has a job that takes up 10-12 hours of my day. So I won't be going to get PT anytime soon.

So that leaves me where I was pre-appointment - crosstraining with cycling and swimming, and doing Sunday runs with TNT. I'll increase my ibprophen intake to a regular dosage of 1 every 6 hours and switch it out with acetimetaphene for workouts (don't want to kill my kidneys! one problem is enough)

Hopefully within a couple of weeks my leg will heal. I remember when my knee was hurt, I thought it would never get better. Then all of a sudden, it actually healed. I'm waiting for that moment with my leg. Until then, I will be bonding with the bike, and drowning my self pity in an over-chlorinated pool. At least I'll be maintaining race shape for when I am all healed.

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