Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eat / Smile / Sleep / Sugar

Team's first ride out at Zuma Beach happened over the weekend. On Saturday we logged 150-minutes of biking and a 30-minute transition run. Some short hills climbs on the ride and a pancake-flat run course alongside the ocean. The weather could not have been more perfect.




Go Team!

Finally back on schedule after returning from Flordia. Early mornings and late nights aside, my body feels pretty good. Ran Sunday's 9-mile workout very easy (81 minutes) and felt energized. I finally got my swim marker set (1000 meters for time) in this morning. It was a decent day at the pool. I even incorporated a few drills into my warm up. There's a sign of maturity for this non-fishy!

Oddly enough I have been craving sugar since last week, right after the big mileage from the weekend wrapped. I have a moderate sweet tooth but, man oh man, the sugar monster came out to play.

Pennies and pennies of candy

I think I've tamed that little guy with a whole bag of kale. But we'll see if he's just gone into hiding for a while. I kick myself some when I don't eat well enough. I know it bags my training. But at the same time, I know me, and if I get all militant on my diet, I'll get aggravated and angst-y. Not my favorite flavors of feelings.

Looking ahead:

Tomorrow will be an AM bike ride, only semi-chilly.
Thursday is our 60-min run marker set. Thursday night is the first Coaches Committee meeting of '13 and I'm nervous, honestly. I feel a lot of pressure to fill some big shoes left by Coach Dave, who led us in '12. Lots of inner critic conversations going on in my head. But I know I can rise above my doubts.
Friday is a group swim workout at 6am.
Saturday is our team's first aquathalon ... fancy non-English word for a swim-run brick. We take to Hansen Dam in the north valley, where we will do our first open water workout of the season! Fun times, creepy lake creatures. Picnic to follow.
Sunday is a long bike ride - 40 miles - followed by a transition run. Then a fun lunch with our team staff.

Lots of hours going into this journey.
Lots of dedication among this Team.
Lots of lives being changed for the better.
Lots of eats, smiles, sleeps and sugar.

Thank you Pai for the amazing photos!

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