Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stolen Words and Sleep

I've been grappling with a draft about teamwork for the last 24 hours. A John Wooden quote that I read lit my brain up. But the ideas are still stuck in my skull and not ready to be married with words on a screen. So I'm not going to force it. It'd be like junk miles - pointless, and I risk spraining my brain. I admit defeat for today, that sleep - or a lack of it - has stolen my words.

My rest/train/work/sleep/be human ratio is a little out of whack from the holiday break. I enjoyed goofing around, training hard, and studying up. But now it's back to the working world, which requires diverting some of that fun energy into let's-make-animated-movies energy.

So while I love this...

...I'm aware enough to know my limits. The drool on my desk and keyboard indentations on my cheek offer up a clue. The vertical blinking bar on the screen, a curtain that constantly moves right and encourages writing, just keeps blinking. No good words. No good at all. Recovery time is the remedy. And maybe a bit more coffee.

Recovery does not, however, mean complete rest. The next seven days are proof:

Upcoming Non-Sleep Activities:
Friday 6am swim, Saturday team bike/run in the morning and the New Year's half marathon at 7pm. Sunday is a recovery week run. And this Monday is definitely a rest day that I will cuddle with gladly. The following Tuesday is an AM swim and PM coaching session. Wednesday is an AM bike ride and an PM red eye to Florida.

That right there, to me, is a fun schedule. I love what I do. Not a day goes by that I don't think about why my life is the way it is, and the luck I've had. Since I don't have my own words to use today, I'll steal some lyrics...

It's not that unusual / When everything is beautiful / It's just another / Ordinary miracle today - Sarah McLachlan

Today's extra-dark-circled eyes and lazy lids still got to see sunrise, still appreciated the walk to work, and will still consider today a good one. And it's bound to get better when I find a pillow.

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