Thursday, January 31, 2013

Move the Target

One of the (many) reasons that I have signed up for the Ironteam this year is to raise funds again for LLS. Although I've been a part of the organization since 2007, I have only fundraised for 5 of my 13 seasons. See, when you are a coach, you aren't necessarily training and fundraising - you are focused on your responsibilities to your participants and staff. So, between December 2008 and October 2012, that was my focus.

In the spring of last year, I knew I wanted to sign up as a participant (ie - someone who raises money while training for a race) again. Indirectly, I was motivated by the 100+ friends and teammates who had been completing their commitments, season after season, right in front of me. Directly, I was inspired by my friend and fellow coach, Jason. In the Spring of 2012, he was a coach on the Ironteam and a participant on the Westside Marathon team. He pulled double duty. He did not "need" the guidance of a team to complete the Mayor's Half Marathon in Anchorage. He signed up, I presume, to accompany his friends and to fundraise for LLS. Figuratively, he 'walked the walk' that many coaches talk about.

We went on a run, chatted about Ironteam, and learned about Danger Moose

Thaddeus, the moose

So among the memories I took away from the Alaska weekend this year is the point at which I mentally committed to another TNT season and another Ironman. That I joined the team's staff was a separate decision, and luckily I'm able to play both roles, coach and participant.

I was, however, very nervous about returning to fundraising - who would actually support me? I don't raise that question with woes-me tone. It lingered in my head because I didn't believe that what I was doing was novel enough. Or big enough. The upcoming Vineman race isn't my inaugural Ironman. And it's not a branded M-Dot race. What makes this challenge stand out?

My worries were unfounded, however. Turns out, you don't need the flashiness of a "first time" or to up the ante of a crazy challenge in order to garner support. All you need are amazing friends who buy into your passion. So far 71 people have stepped up and donated their money to #beatcancer. And each of those 71 have played and equal role in sending my well past my commitment numbers. I set my own personal goal higher than required, and as of two days ago, I edged over $5,000. Goal met.

Just like workouts, when you achieve one goal, you gotta up the challenge. So it's time to move the target.

New goal: $1,000 over the commitment number, or $5425

My very greatest thanks to everyone who has supported me so far:

Jeff Espinosa-Blohm
Caryn Shuken
Peter & Pam Siragusa
Cindy Zicker
Melissa Borek
Debbie Farrelly
Carrie Smith
Matt Friedman
Katherine Nesteby
Virginia Garner
Javier Rivera & Rachael Burnson
Karen Adler
Allegra Newman
Coach Dave
Eric Orvieto
Eryn Doherty
Tammy Lee
Melissa Sturm
Jake & Christina Rowell
Marissa Tiamfook
Mike Danyleiko
Christine Holmes
Danielle M Lagana
Darcy Nelson
Robert Welper
Shawn Legg
Rachel Chai
Peter Conlon
Patricia Reeves
Maura McCartan
Sanjay Advani
Karen Curtis
Jonathan Adelstein
Cristina Graybill
Christopher Wilno
Susan & Marshall Winer
Cory Mitchell
Aubrey Walton
Marvin Tabangay
Hilary Vogel
Dominic Labriola
Jack Archey
Elizabeth Johnson
Nicholas Gardner
Maura Feerick
Lindsey Rabinowitz
Ashlee Berard
Matthew Sherwood
Susana Rodriguez
Airionna Whitaker
Taraneh Fard
Lori Jomsky
Julian Renteria
Kim Nowak
Louise Shrimpton
Kelley Puckett
Sara Fay
Maia Jasper
Charlene Levy
Meghann Triplett
Eileen Ansel Wolpe
Joseph Pease
Chip Hooley
Lauren Plichta
Brenda Huckabee
Lillah McCarthy
Petty Goodman
Tim Weston
Heather Gonzalez
sitbones (Fern)
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