Friday, February 1, 2013

January Numbers and a Lesson from Hamlet

Goodbye January. Goodbye 4:30pm sunsets. Goodbye base training. It was a busy month for me: two half marathons, a full and a 5K squeezed in among triathlon training. My volunteer commitments picked up, my ability to sit still or sleep waned. And most importantly, I laughed a lot. For me, it was one of the better starts to a year that I can recall.

January's tally

On a more reflective note...we could all take a lesson from little Hamlet. Going after a new goal or challenge can be scary. Often, taking the first step is worst. And sometimes you have to do it more than once. And sometimes you'll want to walk away. But if you remember why you're doing it, you will find a way. But a warning before watching, he is so darn cute your eyes might melt.

Little Hamlet Goes Down the Stairs

Happy Friday. Happy February. Go out there and find your own oatmeal.


Anonymous said...

Wilson would love Hamlet as a friend.

Emily Conlon said...

Wilson would devour Hamlet. That's not friendship.