Friday, February 22, 2013

#2500 Crunches: Day One Results

Good showing so far for the #2500crunches Challenge. We've got about 70 (!!!) people playing along, so at this point, we are closing sign ups. Miss the cut off? Stick around and see what challenge is up next after this.

DAY ONE: Click for larger image

So how are you going to get this done?

Do you do sets of 10 ever 30mins?
Do you go for 250 straight?
Do you stick to a schedule of averages - 250/day?
Do you stockpile 500 at a time and break every other day?
Do you forget that you signed up and force yourself to crunch 1225 times in the last two days?

Looks like people are taking various approaches. We've got some slow and steady 250-ers. We've got some balls-out +400 crunchers. Would someone please catch Jason!? And then a couple folks who want to start the challenge today.Feel free to share how you're getting at it. And while you are sharing, send us some photos of you in action. If we get enough, we will go all arts-and-craftsy and show you a collage of all of your work. Everyone looks photogenic while straining through hundreds of reps! (Lies...)

One of our Ironteammates, Solange, has spun this into a fundraiser for herself. She is taking on the challenge, but agreeing that she'll up the ante and add in more torture (planks!) if you support her fundraising. Read more about it on her site, Ironwoman Dreams.

Final Note on Reporting Numbers: We'll take your daily total by 10pm PST each night. Anything reported after that gets flipped over to the next day. Cool? Cool.

One day down, nine to go!

Have a great weekend, and keep crunching.

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