Friday, February 15, 2013

UPDATED Plank Challenge: Day Three!

We're onto DAY THREE of the One Hour Plank Challenge, and so far so good. More twitter folks have joined the fun, and it's been good motivation for me to stick to a goal (as arbitrary as they may seem) that I've set for myself. Thanks to 13 others who are helping keep the spirit of a six-pack alive.

Here's a look at the tracking as of Friday at 12:30pm:

Click on graph for close up

A few folks (Hi Scott! Hi Byong!) jumped in only minutes ago. They've got some catching up to do this weekend.

I'll be out of town this weekend, so there will be no updates to this graph until Monday morning. But that doesn't mean that lots of planking by all of us isn't going on behind the scenes.

PlankChallengers - on Sunday, please @reply me your cumulative minutes between Friday 12:30pm and Sunday night. I'll include on the next version. And, hey, get to know each other on twitter. You guys are all pretty neat.

So far so good! Creeping toward 60 mins of horizontal fun. Yes, I just wrote that. Ready, set, hold on, my friends!

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