Saturday, February 23, 2013

#2500 Crunches: Day Two Results

Good morning!! Raise your hand if you are on track to hit 2,500 by next Saturday? What, it hurts to raise your hand because your abs are so sore? Good. It's working! We are two days in. They say it takes 18 repetitions to make a habit. We won't make you go 18 days, but 10 should put you on your own path to keeping this workout up.

Here's a look at the standings. If you don't see your name on the graph, it means you haven't gotten in your numbers - please do! Day closes at 10pm PST, so take today to do some crunches and message us. Here we go:

Click for larger image

Worth repeating - take some photos or video of your torture and send along. We'll throw something together for you to stare at while you do the workout so you don't feel so alone. For instance, Jessica, Kelli and Jen making swim workout a little more evil.

Nice work ladies!

It's the weekend!! Plenty of extra time to crunch away. Bonus points if you do it in unusual places such as the lobby of a bank, on a bus, or in a museum. (Not advocating bad behavior, but...) Looking forward to receiving the next set of numbers tonight. Go, go, go!


Anonymous said...

270 crunches are missing from my count. I should be at 500. The pain is a reminder. This is LetaFai

Emily Conlon said...

Sorry LetaFai - we'll add them to tomorrow's total! :)

Anonymous said...

No worries...thanks