Sunday, December 30, 2012

Camp Los Angeles

During the fall semester of college, our volleyball team stayed around during the week of October break to practice and play in a tournament, usually local. Because we had an unheard of amount of downtime, we used to refer to it as Camp Swarthmore. In other words - lots of play with only a little work. The days were filled with trips to the King of Prussia mall or movie marathons or 4-hr practices. The nights were spent roaming Philly, playing beer pong or dancing around the dorms.

It's been a few years since I graduated and joined the work force. Luckily my vacation days are generous, though nothing like college. And since my family is 3K miles away, I generally devote my time to traveling to see them. However this year, I managed to strike a great balance between my two homes - CT and LA.

After 5 days with my parents and sister and little, four-pawed nephew...

Me and Wilson

...I came back to LA with 6 free days on my calendar. My itinerary was simple - coach, workout, sleep (aka slow my roll) and recharge. Mission: Accomplished. So far.

Camp Los Angeles has had a lot in store for me on the training front.

Perhaps not the schedule one should be playing with prior to the Goofy Challenge. But I'm happy and healthy and that's more important to me than sticking to a prescribed set of numbers. Fun times ahead, too, as next Saturday many of my friends and I will run the New Years Half Marathon in Downtown LA Saturday night!

Many other fun moments this week. I've dedicated at least 5 hours each day to training and coaching (sometimes one more than the other). Most valuable has been the time I spent with Coach J, who took an entire afternoon to trade stories and advice, and hash out the minute details of our Ironteam master schedule. And I got to play with his dogs, so that was fun too.

Outside of training, I spent plenty of time with the tri family. Trips to the movies. Ice skating. Wearing costumes. Haivng dinner with friends. Having lunch with my friend and CM. And most importantly: Laughing and smiling.

Just another #BEATCANCER Saturday

A 2hr ride / 20min transition run with 20 Ironfolks in Santa Monica, CA. A great day to ride, and I was blessed with opportunities to chat with most people as we circle the infamous "Amalfi Loop". At the last leg of the transition run - yes, I rode and ran as Batman - I was caught by IronCoach Brad (currently out of season, but still very involved) and he pushed me to a painfully wonderful negative split. I could have used a third lung in those last 20 strides ... but I go to bed tonight stronger for that effort.

Iron on Ice

Seven of us caught Silver Linings Playbook - funny and charming - and then headed down the street to the makeshift ice rink. One of the five of us fell during the skating. I won't say who ... but my hip hurts.

Bottle Rock, Culver City

Good reds and a surprisingly mild Zin. "Pick a Bottle. Buy two glasses. Rock out with your cork out." A great way to cap off a chill night.

Post Rainy Practice Talent Show

Thank you, team, for encouraging my inner 8-year-old to blossom.

While I've spent the majority of my time juggling sports management stuff, the one thing I am really psyched about above all else is an upcoming fundraiser that Coach Holly and I are throwing together in February. If you happen to be around the LA area on Feb 2nd, please consider stopping by and support our team. It's a night we promise you will not forget - we've been to this place before and it ranks up there with one of the most fun and memorable nights ever.

Sky High Fundraising Info

If you like the idea but live far away ... shout out to Canada! ... you can still support us with a donation - just email and and we'll make sure your generousity is acknowledged!

Wishing you peace as you reflect on 2012 and ambition as you journey into 2013.

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