Friday, December 7, 2012

Training Update (and some bad words)

Bad Words:

I wasn't planning on recapping my training thus far, but I had a laughable (read: frustrating) morning, and so I composed this post in my head as I worked out. And it makes me feel happier to chalk it up in writing and move on. Get on with yourself, bad karma!

It started last night (more on this later) when I got home and just wanted a shower. Which I got, sans hot water. I had seen my landlord and the plumbing guy will milling around some closet downstairs, but didn't realize there was a problem until I was stripped down and freezing in the shower. Ugh.

Couldn't sleep much due to a nighttime workout, so I packed my swim bag for the morning. I couldn't find the pair of goggles I like. Figured I'd find them in the morning. Caught 5 hours of sleep. Woke up dazed. Still could not find my goggles. Grabbed another pair, less comfy, and drove to the pool. Waking up to dipping into the lane - 15 minutes, maybe.

The pathetic, blurry view on the way to the pool.

Expected to see my teammates, but no one was there. Bummer. I go to put on my goggles and the adjustable strap on the nose bridge snaps. (BAD WORDS!!!!) No way I am getting out, going back home, grabbing another pair and coming back. (BAD WORDS) So I try to swim 100m without goggles. Fail. (BAD WORDS). Frustrated and tired, my last effort is to McGuyver the goggles back together by threading the strap through the pinhole. (The suffix "-hole" was on my mind a lot this morning...)

It worked. Minor celebration. I can do my swim set. That is, until randomly during 150, repeats my foot cramps like a motherpucker. (BAD WORDS) I'm in the middle of the lane and don't wanna stop, so I flail through the rest of the length and then cough out a few swears when I hit the wall.

The rest of the morning continued without fanfare. Swim done. Eyes raccoon-like from the stupid goggles. I grumble my way back home (BAD WORDS) and get ready for work.

Okay, not a bad day by any stretch, but my dirty mouth and mind this morning would not have charmed anyone...


My training is going great. So far, my week has been balanced between swim, bike and run.

This week's workouts

Last night I joined a group of Ironteam folks for their weekly glow run - first time I've ever worn glow products while running. I'd run 8.5m in the morning at a comfortable clip (8:40ish), so considered the workout a bonus. The plan was to run the Amalfi loop, which is a 6m route with a fair amount (800ft?) of climbing. I have two speeds - All and Nothing. Moderation is not my style. I cranked up the All speed and for the next 47mins carved my lungs out on the hills. New PR, just under 8min/m average. Hope that bodes well for a fast/flat Disney Half PR in January. Chased the workout down with a couple tacos and some ice cream.

As previously posted, my bike rides are not at pace, but more just some casual mileage with the boys. Looking forward to the winter trainer rides getting my quads ready for climbing canyons. And eventually daylight savings time will bring back the sunshine and allow for some lengthy pre-work morning rides.

Heading back to CT in a few weeks - for a short holiday trip - and I'm looking forward to running there with my mom. She's training for the 5K can Disney, so we'll practice running outside (she's a treadmiller mostly). I love running in New England because it simply looks so different from Cali.

When I return from Cali, I'll get to bank some longer rides (I'm off work for the week), and do some hiking. Not for a workout, just for the sake of slowing down. Until then, there will be no slowing. Just cranking away, trying to be a champion, trying to embrace the entire Ironman journey.

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