Thursday, December 13, 2012

Obligatory Holiday Gift Ideas Post

For the endurance athlete in your life, (mom and dad).

Stocking Stuffers:

The Icy Hot Stick - Unlike the balm, you don't have to get your fingers all oily. This stuff works well for mild muscle soreness - calves especially.

Bike Tubes - The flat tire gods are fickle, and have a way with timing their punishment when you are farthest from your car or home.

Reflective Tape: Turn any of your normal clothes into night running gear by adding reflective tape. This version is iron-on.

For Running:

The Quotable Runner
: Inspirational words and observations for us to think about as we plod along our training runs.

Smart Wool Socks
- I was skeptical that wool socks would be comfortable to run in. But my aunt swears by them and got me a pair. They are amazing! I've done plenty of rainy runs and these have kept my feet warm and fairly dry. No blisters or raw rubbing.

For Swimming:

TYR Goggles - My favorite goggles, the ones I lost, were TYR make-your-own. I made them purple and green in honor of TNT. I'm bummed they are gone. I will probably buy more. Comfortable, non-leaky and good peripheral vision. Highly recommend.

Fun Swim Caps - Happy caps make for happy swimming.

For Biking:

Cycle Shoe Covers
- Even though it doesn't get super cold in SoCal, the winter months can bring on frozen toes on some early morning rides. Booties can warm you up a little more.

Tube Belt - I think this one is really neat, but then again, I'm wearing a Smurfs track jacket today. So trust my fashion sense at your own risk. A repurposed bike tube as a belt.


Proform Spin Bike: Replace your trainer with this bad boy. I watched the TDF this year, and almost every commercial break featured this bike. With google maps integrated and the ability to climb and descend 20% ... seems a lot more fun than cranking away on a CyclOps.

The Vitamix 5200 - Epic Recovery Shakes in seconds. But watch your fingers.

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