Sunday, December 23, 2012

Quiet on the East Coast

Hometown Population: 5,000
Year Founded: 1804
Stoplight Count: 2 (100% increase since I lived here)
Today's Temperature: 32 degrees
Topography: Rural, State Forest

With three clicks of my Kinvara's, I'm not in Los Angeles anymore. If only for a few days. Took a phone camera along for the workout around town. I love running in this area in the summer - so much green. The winter, less so, but I still pick up on the slow, quiet Colonial feeling of central CT.

More today's workout:

The Start Line/Finish Line

Today's path

A quiet morning at the lake

Site of childhood summers and swimming lessons

Color on an otherwise grey morning

S. Hill House, built in 1840

Stone walls and fences - much of what you see here

Opposite side of the lake

Closed in 2008 but still standing, Marlborough Country Barn

Center of town, flags half mast

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