Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back in Action on the West Coast

The pleasent 4-day weekend on the east coast has come to a close, and I made it back to Los Angeles just in time for the earthquake. That, coupled with some malfunctioning plane parts, made for a stressful couple days. But with the sky and the earth both settling down today, life returns to normal on the streets of the San Fernando Valley.

Last week's scheduling challenge was not as demanding as, say, trying to fit in 41 miles into 7 days. Having had a previously daunting mileage week, I took last week off by running when I felt like it and not being dictated by a schedule. The hills of CT over the weekend were welcome terrain, and I ran a couple times with my mom, which gave my legs a chance to recover from interval workouts. Ended up with 26 miles total, and 30 minutes of blueberry picking. 6 pounds of blueberries, yum!

My first run back at Griffith Park yesterday was a challenge. I averaged about a 8:30 pace, and my legs and core felt leaded. I think the travel on Monday took its toll. Additionally, I biked into work because I left my car in our studio garage while I traveled. I'm rested and up for one more long run workout for the midweek. Tomorrow is a day off and a chance to catch up with life, and Friday will be a biking day if I can scrape myself out of bed by 6:15am.

Saturday's hill run looks like a trip to the westside and a run around the mansions on Sunset Boulevard near the Pacific Palisades. It's a beautiful, hilly course called the Amalfi Superbad loop (coined by coach Chris). It will be followed by a set of the Santa Monica stairs. Sunday's plan is a long, slow distance, maybe 12 miles or so, followed by a bike ride.

It's good to be back tot he routine.

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