Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend Round Up

Totals for the week:
35.6 running
42.6 biking
3.5 inadvertent walking to the store/bank miles

I am beat. Four days. Four +90 minute workouts alternating and combining biking and LSD running. Been holding an effortless 9:30 pace, meaning that I'm going to have to push sub 8:10 miles on shorter runs to make sure I get better ... if that is the goal, which I'm not sure "better" = more endurance.

Feeling confident that I can do back-to-back endurance workouts to ready myself Goofy.

Flat tire on Saturday, but nothing I can't handle anymore. Gone are the days of stressing over flats. Sort of. I still stress. But I can solve it now.

In other real life news, I am headed home in about three weeks for my best friend from high school's wedding! Will get a chance to run the hills of Connecticut and run outside with my mom if it's not too hot. Maybe a 10 mile run that Friday...? Prepare yourself, mom.

Back to work after a relaxing three day weekend. My workouts were followed by movies (The Happening sucked, but Kit Kittredge was all right). The grind starts again tomorrow. I have a day off from workouts which is a treat! Looking forward to it all.

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