Thursday, July 24, 2008

Goofy Goes Home

The title of this post reminded me of those Goofus and Gallant cartoons you'd find in the magazines in children's offices, Your big Backyard. I always liked the word searches and the stories about the Brownie family...

Speaking of regression, I am headed home today for a long weekend! 7 hours of travel await me. I leave LA around 2pm and get into Hartford at midnight. I'm there until Monday morning when I repeat the aviary abuse.

I will miss most of the $3.99/quart blueberry sale here, but we've got blueberry picking (and seeing The Dark Knight, again; and a wedding and shopping) on the schedule, so I don't think I will miss it too much.

As for running? I'd like to get 15 more miles into this easy week. I have 9 now, and 15 would but me at a marathon for the 7 days. Light mileage, but good for the knees. Also, I may go for a swim in the lake (shore is at our backyard, but I never appreciated that until I moved to LA, where the lakes are made of concrete, and the trees are made of concrete and peoples souls are made of concrete...) okay, that's harsh, but I am excited to get back to nature on the east coast.

Probably very little writing this weekend, so enjoy ungluing your eyeballs from my diatribes. I leave you with some inconspicuous shots of my home:

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