Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Race Report: Goofy Update

Now out a full 10 days from the Anchorage Marathon, I'm back in the swing of things with my workouts. This week has been particularly nice, as I am able to balance running with biking and resting. The extra holiday Friday (happy fourth!) will be great for sleeping in and getting a nice long workout on the books.

Yesterday and today I logged two 6.2 mile runs. Tuesday's was a 6:30am run which felt much more sluggish than today's post-work run. Evidently, you run up to 1 minute slower in the morning because your body is shocked into your workout from its resting state. That sounds right to me. Tuesday was a 9:45/mile pace while today's was a 8:47/mile pace. I've stopped looking at my watch so much during my runs. Prefer to operate on cruise control, which is around 9min/mile.

There are 193 days left until the big weekend! That means 192 days of maintenance workouts with a few trail race, street races and distance races peppered in. 6 months to go!

2006 Half Marathon

2007 Full Marathon

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