Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cinderella and the Mesh Synthetic Leather Slipper

I have feet like big boat paddles. They are wide, tough and more often than not, kind of clammy. Gross, I know, feel bad for my dad who is forced to rub them when I go home.

My paddle feet need comfortable shoes for the many miles they endure. I'm partial to Saucony Pro Grid Trigon 5 shoes, but to my shock and dismay (okay, not really shock and dismay - more like disappointment) they are discontinuing this model. So I will order the last in the stock, and hopefully two pairs will get me through my race schedule in January.

When shopping for running shoes, there are a couple of things to pay attention to:

-Arch Support
(do you have flat, medium or high arches)

(do you pronate, meaning, does your foot fall sideways and put extra stress on your knees)

(what type of running will you be doing? What surfaces? What distances?)

(do you need a wider style shoe? Yes please!)

And once you've answered all of those questions and had a gait evaluation by someone in the store --they watch you walk-- then you can choose your color. That's right, the look of the shoe comes last. I've had lime green, light blue and orange shoes. None by choice, I am at the mercy of the companies who make the shoes.

A pair of shoes can last anywhere between 300-500 miles before they wear out. It depends on the surface and it depends on your feet. Shoes nowadays are much more durable even though they seem so lightweight. I change my shoes out around 400 miles, unless I get into a horrendous mud fight with a big puddle (Hawaii Marathon), in which case I retire them at around 300.

You should get your gait re-analyzed every other pair because your running form can change over time. I usually order a pair online every other time. I go Arch and Sole in Hollywood/Fairfax for my in-store needs.

With the trail run races coming up (one in Sept and one way off next April) I'll be getting a pair of trail shoes. I've read that Brooks makes some nice, lightweight shoes for ultra runners. I'll check them out and report back this fall.

Image: Sportpower.blogspot.com

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