Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Top of the Mountain

The rule of thumb with building more miles into your training is to increase up to 10% of the weekly count. I run between 30-35 miles on a normal week, so I could increase my total mileage by 3-3.5 miles. This week I topped off at 41 running miles and 24 biking miles. It's a bit over the 38.5 percripted by the formula, and I can tell that the new numbers stressed by body. My legs are tired, my back is sore and I'm fairly tired as a default state. But with my shortened week (traveling home Thursday), I will be entering a step-back week where I will run much less than usual.

To take advantage of a rest day tomorrow, I am going to switch up my normal 6 miler with an 18 mile bike ride around the park. It will probably happen after work, but that's okay. I will have that gratifying feeling of biking past all of the gridlocked commuters by my apartment.

To recap the weekend: A wonderful 9 mile run up to the GP Observatory with Allegra and Maia on Saturday followed by an amazing brunch at Alcove Cafe in Hollywood. Wow, that was some good eggs after the hills. Followed that up with 19 miles on the bike and a trip to downtown Burbank for a screening of "The Dark Knight". Taken out of context, the phrase "Why So Serious?" is a pretty good mantra for life ... again, taken of of the movie's context, of course ...

Today was a 6.25 morning run, followed by a 6 mile training run with Amie for the Disney Half. I rewarded myself for the tiring week by planting myself firmly in front of the TV, doing my puzzle and watching a series of Mad Men, Flight of the Conchords and Deadliest Catch Episodes.

It was wonderful.

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